May 18, 2024

Video Skydiver’s iPhone survives 14,000-foot fall from a Plane

iPhone survive a 14,000-foot drop in skydiving accident

The story of Skydiver’s iPhone survives 14,000-foot fall from a plane has shocked and amazed many people. This is an incredible feat considering the fragile nature of modern smartphones. However, this is not the first time an iPhone has survived a fall from great heights, and it is worth investigating why and how these devices can endure such extreme conditions.

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How Did the iPhone Survive?

The iPhone that survived the 14,000-foot fall belonged to a skydiver who accidentally dropped it while mid-flight. When the phone was later retrieved, it was found to be in working condition. But what made this possible?

The phone fell onto a grassy field, which helped cushion its landing. If the phone had landed on a hard surface like concrete, it would have likely been destroyed. Also One factor that contributed to the iPhone’s survival is its design. Apple products are known for their durability and sturdy construction.

The iPhone Model was not confirmed, as it was places into the rugged case that is most hard and powerful available now days also. Normally Rugged cases are shock proof, water proof that make this possible to not damage SmartPhones from some accidents.